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Short for Hawaii International Film Festival Welcome Event, Hiffwe is an in-joke from popular imageboard 420chan detailing how the site admin got arrested for assaulting Neveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost), and was subsequently raped in his cell.

"Back in 2005 Kirt (420chan's admin) went to Hawaii just to chill because fuck yeah its Hawaii. Anyways during that October we were trying to have an adventure and we decided to sneak into this massive event.
We had no idea it was a film festival with lots and lots of big stars, everything was going fine, we were blending in but suddenly for no apparent reason Kirt shoves a random guy, it turns out it was Naveen Andrews, the guy fell to the floor and landed on (his) face. His bodyguards went utterly insane and that's when all hell broke loose.
We were beat to the core by those assholes and the guy even pressed charges against Kirt.
The police came in, it was a huge scandal... we spend the night in jail and that's when in (sic) happened, the horror... the guy in charge thought it was a good idea to let us share the cell with this rapist... I don't want to go on, you guys can imagine what happened.
Kirt and I broke up after that and we never spoke about the subject, no one was supposed to know."
"What does hiffwe mean?" - nub
by Gregchowski October 11, 2011
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