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A Helper Wife: noun
A close nonsexual relationship between two adult females
( who are usually either mothers or wives ) who help each other with household chores and errand running and child care.

This relationship is similar to that of sister wives , it has all of the benefits without the jealousy,social taboos and illegality of polygamy.
John: Explain to me again how this Hife thing works.

Mary: Its just like a domestic engineering co-op or having sister wives but we all get our own husbands and homes.
by electric dream sheep November 30, 2011

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hifee hyphee
a male queef, when air ejects out of the urethra. has the smell of salty sea air.
"Did ya'll hear that Eric hifed on his date with Liz?"

"He did? Shoot, she must really love that dude."
by helsinkistinkie September 06, 2011