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A man who appears tough and strong on the outside but is actually very loving, caring and sensitive.
That guy is so hiep.
by chomchom June 21, 2011
1. a cool, stubborn male dude who doesn't talk much, but understands what he's doing and the person's feelings to show that he cares (especially in reality); a sexii, attractive young male who likes to get addicted to cute and adorable girls !

2. a ghay, non-intellectual dude who complains and touches peoples especially his best friends

3. A shabalabadingdong from unknown worlds who thinks totally wrong
EX.1 anonymous person 1: Did I hear Hiep's name somewhere around the campus?

anonymous person 2: Omg! Hes walking down the hallway
anonymous person 3: I see him! Hes too good for me!

EX.2 Perv. and whiny!

EX.3 anonymous person 1: What is this?
anonymous person 2: it feels like poop, smells like poop, and tastes like poop
anonymous person 3: That's cause it is poop?
anonymous person 1: It's basically a greeting sign for aliens .
by doom1buster July 07, 2009