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A hole that is usually dug into the side of a mountain by kurtjmac on his expedition to the Far Lands in Minecraftia. A proper Hidey Hole will always have an exterior torch to keep Creepers and other monsters away. When abandoned, the entrance should be blocked off so that monsters cannot sneek in.
"Ooop, the sun is setting. I better make a Hidey Hole. Indeed!"
by The Mysterious Kat September 10, 2011
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Transient culture term referring to any good place to hideout, stash a dufflebag or sleep. Most often someplace that others are unaware of.
Transient 1: "Have you seen Gary Johnson around today?"
Transient 2: "Nah, he's probably crashed out in his hidey hole."
by pedicabber May 21, 2005
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hidey-hole (HI dee hole) noun. Refers to a womans's vagina when it is used to stow/stash contraband or other object for transport and concealment. esp. as in example below.
Sue, that dirty lying theiving fuck-nose shikse, puts an Elmer's Glue bottle full of 'clean' urine in her hidey-hole before her weekly drug testing at the methadone clinic.
by Ned Ludd July 29, 2005
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a vagina or butthole used for smuggling
great little hidey hole you got there let me make you an offer...
by nescioforserious December 23, 2010
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