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A " Hicktard" is more then just your regular "Hick" with attributes of obnoxious and illrepute behaviour, commonly known as trailer trash, Hicktards can live anywhere as their "tard" position lets them get away with trying to live in normal society as they congragate into groups where the "tard" part binds them together... To spot a hicktard, look for the classic plaid outfit, missin teeth and window lickin abilities.......
A "Hicktard" is The guy who parks his trailer in the walmart parking lot, housing his wife, 6 kids and the babysitter ( also the mistress) and the iq of the said hicktard is much lower then the average hick therefore it is a FAMILY of Hicktards....
by blackdiamondandherace August 06, 2009
A hick retard. The finest specimens have large, greasy mullets.
George Bush is such a goddamn hicktard.
by arix brak August 29, 2006
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