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1. Plural of house AND horse.
2. A non-existing colour, which is beautiful, yet drab and melancholic, can often be found as the colour for cheaply produced cars.
1. "one house, two hice. One horse, two hice."
2. "That car is sooo hice!" "my favorite colour is hice."
by Luc Weegels December 20, 2004
25 18
The logical plural of 'house'

Plural of Mouse: Mice
Louse: Lice
House: Houses?
Those were some really cute hice.
by Ben Berkowitz April 02, 2008
56 13
The plural form of house
"Hey, that's a nice row of hice"
"Fckgw, check out them hice over there"
by vinnie February 03, 2003
55 24
Goose, Geese, Moose, Meese.
Mouse, Mice, House, Hice, what more can i say?
There are many meese lose about theese hice.
by ~Dsf~ October 07, 2004
27 14
Adjective like "cool" or "tight"

could be used as a verb (to hice) which would mean "to be happening."
Adj: Dude that party was hella hice last night.

Verb: Today was not hicing for me.


Today was totally hicing!
by totallyhice May 01, 2009
14 9
The lack of skill for a personal investor, likely to Buys high sells low and is constantly on the other side of the market.
Damn that hice cant get a break, he sucks.
by grandes cojones October 09, 2011
4 2
Definition between ''high'' and ''nice'', what means stoned, high, blazed.
>dat shit make me stoned!
- yo it's hice bro..
> really hice..

>let's have some hice time,
>I want to forget this bullshit while I'm hice..
by lia966 February 22, 2009
10 9