This is when you nearly hiccup, but instead of "cupping" you burp instead.
This usually occurs after after a post-meal smoke.
You have a meal, then go for a ciggarette. Normally after the first puff you experience the "hic-burp".
And the more you try to stop it from occuring, the worse it gets. And don't even try to speak.
Person 1:
Hey man what do you think of the new Star Wars?

Person 2:
Its cool except... (puffs on ciggie).."Hic..."
"Hic-Burp! "...oh, excuse m..."hic.......BURP!"

Person 2 :
Ha. You got the hic-burps!!!
by Phil k May 24, 2005
Top Definition
When someone hiccups and then releases a burp.
HICCUP-BUUURRRRPPPP. Excuse me, I just hic-burp.
by Worstgirl141 July 03, 2010
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