Hibbity-bibbity: (n) A general use term to describe any quickly spoken or unidentified foreign language.

Like the origin of the term "barbarian" used to describe northern Europeans by the ancient Greeks, the language may sound like "hibbity-bibbity" said repeatedly.

Hibbity-bibbity may also be used to describe a person who speaks hibbity-bibbity.
I was trying to watch a soap opera on one of the Croatian channels, but the people were just screaming at each other in hibbity-bibbity!

So, I was in *insert 3rd world country* working for the Peace Corps but I left after our group was surrounded by a bunch of gun-wielding hibbity-bibbitys!
by joe_smith_dude April 13, 2010
Top Definition
1. To have a good buzz...not quite hammered yet, but almost on the verge of "whoa man" drunk.
"yo man....(insert giggle fit here).....i'm feelin' all hibbity bibbity.
by Jbupp August 09, 2008
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