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1. The word "Hibbity Jibbity" means in Laymen's terms. WTF are you saying. This phrase originated in, or around Huffman, TX.

2. The word "Hibbity Jibbity" as used in the music industry, means Hip Hop.
1. Coherent Man: You are speaking Hibbity Jibbitily Jack Leg! Please stop blathering!

2. Rappah: Damn dog your Hibbity Jibbity is super fly!
by n0<3 September 04, 2004
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To have sex; sexual intercourse between a male/female, male/male, or female/female.
Me and my girlfriend did the hibbity-jibbity last night.
by J. A. C. February 14, 2009
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Hibbity Jibbity is the sound of conversation between large groups of black males who are speaking in an incoherent language called jive, talking amongst themselves.
Boss Man 1: Hey my man
Boss Man 2: What's good playboy?
Boss Man 1: Cold Chillin, hibbity jibbity
Boss Man 3: Hibbity Jibbity
Boss Man 4: Hibbity Jibbity
Boss Man 2: Hibbity Jibbity
by negrodamus23 March 14, 2009
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The act of having sex, usually used around company where the word fuck, sex, or fornicate are unacceptable, or as a playful acronymn
Last night we had a rip-roaring session of hibbityjibbity, and I wont be able to see straight for days.
by Axehold February 10, 2010
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When everything has gone all wrong. Can be used in several different ways. Synonyms include "helter-skelter".
Man, that relationship is in the dumps now. Can't blame me for the hibbity-jibbity.


Things have gone all hibbity-jibbity.
by LynnSnow May 08, 2008
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