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(v) The act of fake quitting for periods of time on forums, chats and other related sites. A person that does a hhi is normally a person seeking attention.
Person A: Wow, David did a hhi today.
Person B: Isn't that the second time this week?
by PingasRubber October 01, 2009
Hanging Head In Shame

Slang acronym used to express an ultimate feeling of shame.
OMG, she uploaded a picture of my VBL !!!! HHIS !!!
by Frenchman44 November 12, 2011
Hangs head in shame
The enemies HHIS while retreating back to their country after witnessing a great martial arts performance.
by Y5 June 18, 2011
Hairless Half Incher
Dude, Susie told me she almost had sex with Joe last night, but once she saw his HHI she laughed and told him to get the fuck out.
by Ralph Esflandoh July 14, 2008
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