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Heyman Cry ( Search up Heyman )

Heyman Cry is a verb.

The action that Heymans do when they find portraits with them and their heyman monster.

Its when you give a sour face with tears coming out.

Only the true Heymans would preform this hysterical action of "heyman crying"

It has been proven that if you "heyman cry" you are automatically gay and all your friends have proven that you are gay with a theory of the heyman being gay.

Heymans do not like girls with big tits and nice asses.

They like guys.

And when a guy rejects them.

They do the Heyman Cry.
heyman Heyman Cry! :'(
heyman monster :'(
by XavierFOREALSS!! November 04, 2009

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