Receiving an invite to a party, only to invite another cohort along. AKA inviting your own friends.
"Dude, the other night we were all going out to lunch right? and fricckin Fogle went hella hewes on me and invited HIS girlfriend to OUR boys out day!"
#inviting #cohorts #hughes #hewesn #no friends
by hewesn4abruisin July 06, 2009
Top Definition
The action of increasing other's statements in order to make one's life seem better. AKA one uping people.
Guy 1:"Dude I can't believe my brother got in a fight at school today."
Guy 2:"Yeah well my brother got in a bar fight and was stabbed 7 times in the heart and shot in the arm but he's totally fine, can you believe THAT?"
Guy 1:"Wow man way to hewes on me."
#one uping #hews #fogling #hewesin #hughesing #overacheiving
by hewsn4abruisin July 06, 2009
The act of claiming to have reformed but then relapsing on prior habits.
"That crack head said he was off that shit for a while....look at him he hewesd right back to it."
#hewesn #hewsen #hews #relapsing #fail
by hewesn4abruisn July 06, 2009
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