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A small town in the middle of nowhere in Northern New York with a school of 600 students and a bridge. It also has a dam. Yes, a dam. Travel to the "outskirts" of town and enjoy the Heuvelton Deli, then travel to the middle of town to enjoy the beautiful view of potheads and empty buildings. About 700 people call this village home. Most live away from the center of town to avoid the gas station rigth near the bridge that gets robbed about 2 times a year. All in all, if you like marching bands and the colors purple and gold, Heuvelton is for you. If not, well, nothing there to really go for... except Canada... yeah, thats like 5 miles away...
by thisbethetruth September 10, 2010
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A small town where amish out-number normal people. Scrath that, there is no normality about Heuvelton due to the lack of people. Yes, someone did piss in the gene pool.
-"where do you live?" -"Heuvelton" -"Heuvelton?" -"Almost Canada."
by reggiewarren September 10, 2010
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