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n. 1. a word gay people use to insult straight people.

2. Someone that is not gay friendly/lame/unattractive/unable to dance.

Some gay friendly straight people in Sydney also use it as derogatory term to stop the gay bully behavior such as calling gay people faggot, the aim is to promote gay friendliness around the world.
Hetro Loser: Watch how those faggots dance.

Gay man: You mad cos I'm a hot dancer and you're a fat wall flower? You hetro loser!!

After being a jerk to the gay man this man is hitting on a girl.

Hetro loser: Hey hottie! Can I take you home tonight?

Straight Girl: Fuck off you hetro loser!!
#gay #sydney #straight #faggot #derogatory
by Delinger February 25, 2011
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