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A cross between he-man and a retard. something retarded on epic proportions
(wilst driving) that moron just cut me up and then crashed. what a he-tard...
by blackproton November 15, 2009
It's supposed to be a person obsessed in Hetalia, but there's another meaning to it. The "Heta" in "Hetalia" comes from the word "Hetare" in Japanese, which means "useless".

So the meanings are:
1. Useless retard, "retard" because of the "tard" in the word

2. Hetalia obsessed person
Girl One: Hey! Are you going out with Derp anymore?
Girl Two: No, he's such a hetard
Girl One: A what?
Girl Two: A useless retard
Girl One: Oh...


Girl One: I bought Hetalia plushies and posters and dvd's and etc etc etc...
Girl Two: Wow, you've become a Hetard
Girl One: No! I've become one with Mother Russia!
Girl Two: o_o...
by Aquamethyst November 18, 2012
a male retard, or general tosser.
Is used as a insult,, instead of "ughhh you retard"
Is pronounced like retard , but he-tard.
You stupid Hetard.
by Th333 OnN£ September 29, 2009
A really good looking guy that's really stupid.
Very sad, because there's nothing to him after you've had him
James is really gorgeous; I'd do him.
I did. Great in the sack, but no brains whatsoever....a complete HeTard.
by yoiks February 28, 2006
A word describing a mongolian retard who gets lost in licking the window. See also heeharr
Mongo is definately a hetard, he shows so many simalarities to corky.
by crank May 04, 2005