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A bird native to Washington. Typically seen in Kennewick around it's drug stores. It has an interesting call that sounds very similar to a british man saying scott.
Holy shit!, a Heston flew into the window!
by Ian Hames July 13, 2008
To Shit on or upon in Greek, Poop on
"Heston ton malaka "
by Fanis February 11, 2005
Anything really fucking odd. (Taken from Heston Blumenthal, because he cooks weird food).
Look at that dudes face, its really fucking heston.
by Reggie S Jones August 05, 2011
Codeword for LSD, as in Acid, as in the movie El Cid, played by Charlton Heston.
I was flying all night with Heston, man. That was powerful shit.
by hansokolow October 11, 2006
A large, oaf-like human, aka a "slap jawed faggot"
Did you see that Heston walking down the street, he's so oafy.
by Mr. Poppinfresh June 01, 2004