That ten year old kid that follows you and your friends around, no matter how much you tell him to go away and die.

See also: fag and herpes.
I see you've been making out with your sister again, Heru.
by N/A April 10, 2005
Top Definition
Heru is a god in Egyptian mythology. A protector, loyal, fierce and good.
Heru sought revenge on Set for the death of Osiris.
by hapimama March 20, 2009
An awkward, hybrid response meaning "Hello/How are you?" given to a fellow colleague when caught off guard before a mutual interaction. Most commonly occurs during the early morning hours when rounding a blind turn in an office building.
"Heru, I guess I'll see you in the conference room"
"Heru, I guess I'll be leaving now"
"Heru, sweet, sweet, sweater dudddeee..."
by TheyWentLeft August 12, 2013
Something you say as a greeting when you don't really have anything else to say and you don't want to say the overused, typical "hello" or "hi" or "hey"
"Why H?ERU there!"

by dictionaryheadmanbook April 10, 2010
A sallow knight in tarnished armor; not quite a hero
She looked for a champion, but only a heru came to her rescue.
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
the act of not going to college
heru craig will not go to college
by Jon Mika November 04, 2004
heru is not so much word as it is a person with no talent...This heru i speak of plays dark ages way too much and needs to learn that the real game of choice by anyoned named heru will be everquest 2
Heru craig needs to play everquest2 onm a daily basis
by JAmes b. Alavet November 11, 2004
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