the asian way of saying the english greeting "hello."

Used often by chinese food delivers for endless amusement of american consumers.
Woman in bed: Good morning!
Asian lover: herro
Woman: Ohhh nooo asian!

^^This is not racist at all.
by LuckyWaters January 09, 2011
Top Definition
The standard greeting of Engrish.
Herro! How are you?
by thedehumidifier3 December 11, 2008
a north korean way of sayin da american hello. they cant say L's so they say R's...
originated Kim jong IL in Team America
herro u frag raving team amewicans
by max December 04, 2004
A common greeting sweeping the world wide web. Similar to hello, but with an asian accent, makes anyone just want to hug and kiss it. Its precious.
Me: Herro my good friend.
Aki: Tank you come again.
by AmyTheChills October 05, 2004
Hello with an asian accent.
Herro? is marc there?
by Andy June 10, 2003
how the japanese say hello. in the japanese language, there is no letter l. thus, it comes out as an r. very funny sterotype. main part of the engrish dialect
herro crass, today we gonna rearn about abraham rincoln and his poricy.
(hello class, today we're gonna learn about abraham lincoln and his policy)
by Hong King Kong December 10, 2007
A lovely, familiar greeting used in place of the standard "hello." Not only used to mimic the Chinese/Japanese inability to say l's, but also as a tribute to Scooby Doo.

It is primarily used as a greeting in dog-speak.
When you come up to somebody, smile, wave your hand and say, "Herro!"
by beans for your bev April 04, 2008
A Chinese greeting similar to the American one "hello".
Herro friends!
by Rob February 19, 2003
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