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A group of individuals all carrying the same luggage: Herpes.
I logged onto H-ype to make fun of all the Herpsters.
by malkazar January 16, 2010
n. A hipster with herpes.
I met a nice boy at a party, but I realized his vague and disillusioned attitude, his close adherence to every current trend, and his refusal to wear a condom were the hallmarks of a herpster.
by emdub415 October 25, 2007
An imitation Hulk Hogan, except 1.5 feet shorter, donning pink apparel, spreading herpes to unknowing partners at rock concerts.
Gina has to take pills for the rest of her life after hanging out with that herpster, Drew.
by JesusSThompson July 26, 2008
Large groups of hipsters who arrive at an otherwise cool party and ruin it with their "authentic urban style" which was purchased from designer stores with their parents money. Herpsters are like the herpes of parties; once they arrive you can never get rid of them.
"Yeah man, I was at that house party last night"
"How was it?"
"It was great until the herpsters showed up"
by chwich May 13, 2010
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