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Often produced as a side product during the creation of Cockcheese, Herpes Juice is the result of a man with STD sores on his dick masturbating without a finish for five or more consecutive hours. During this time, the friction and pressure exerted from his hand will cause the sores to swell and eventually burst, causing a mix of blood and the essence of the infection to ooze out and fall to the floor. While this often mixes into cum from a cockcheese process or the eventual result from the coexisting masturbation (often mixing with the semen and creating a pink-ish colored solution that smells similar to the experience of snorting melted chicken shit), many will collect this in a jar or other sort of container. Often, both the initial red blood from the sores bursting and the blood diluted yellow from a microscopic ecosystem of bacteria and viruses will be dumped into a pot together and mixed. During the churning process; corn syrup, salt, and red food coloring are added to thicken it and cover up the tint of yellow in its color. The end result is Herpes Juice, a product with a taste that makes you feel like a rape victim who had their mouth molested by a horse's cock dipped in soggy mud. Afterwards, it is packaged into a plastic container and ready to be sold in stores as Heinz Ketchup.
Next time you're in a grocery store, you'll cringe while you're passing through the condiments section and thinking of the Herpes Juice mass produced and organized side-by-side on the shelves.
by Dorr200789 February 18, 2010
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