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Someone who gives out lots of unprotected blowjobs.
Person One: "Did you hear that Caitlyn gave a blowjob to five guys last night?"

Person Two: Damn, what a herpe slurpee!"
by SevenSeaSailor August 29, 2009
The act of giving or receiving (unknowingly) a mouthful of semen dosed with herpes.
Jane: Hey Mary, is that a cold sore on your mouth?

Mary: Yeah. I gave Billy a mouthski for his birthday the other night and I'm pretty sure he gave me a Herpe Slurpee.

Jane: What an asshole.
by AustiRody June 13, 2014
An oral herpe breakout makeout session.
Guy 1: "How was your date with Elizabeth?"

Guy 2: "I was kinda nervous cause of this herpe on my lip, but she had one too, so we made out all night anyway..."

Guy 1: "Ew, total herpe slurpee!"
by dinkydew January 12, 2012