Something idiots say. Usually it is supposed to indicate stupidity in somebody else, but the person saying it is usually the dumb one.
Herp derp look at this noob.
by Turbo_Phoenix April 26, 2011
Cole Hudson
Derpy de herp. Derpy turkey. Herp Derp
by Coco Puff98 July 06, 2011
A state of being ridiculously high off of marijuana so much so that you see shimmering and may hallucinate. Can be used simply to express being very high though.
Can be shortened to HD for use in code.
Are you herp derp yet?
by babslovesbeinhd November 04, 2010
to act in the way of sexual conduct, and to release tension in the process.
He herped her til she derped.

Go herp yourself.

He derped on her face.

They herp derped
by nfalse February 13, 2011
A sexually transmitted disease contracted from sex with dick mongrels.
She was tryin to slob on my knob, and I was like 'Nah, trick I aint tryin to get no herp derp, get off my dick!'
by ghobi and tcap October 04, 2010
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