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A series of board games by The LEGO Company released in 2011. These board games are a type of really simified dungeon-crawling, somewhat like Dungeons and Dragons. The sets were aimed toward younger kids, but older kids and adults have become fans of the series, mostly adding new rules and items to make gameplay more exciting. Many of these boards can be found on

The story for Heroica is a simple "everything was fine until the monsters came" type of story. it features eight heroes currently: the Barbarian, the Wizard, the Ranger, the Rogue, the Driud, the Knight, the Prince and the Sage. More heroes are likely to join the fight as more sets are released.

There are currently six sets, with more likely to come out: Draida Bay, a small set featuring Goblins, two heroes, a boss and a powerfult Relic; Waldurk Forest, featuring more enemies like Werewolves, three different heroes, treasure, weapons, potions, another Relic, and a boss; The Caverns of Nathuz, featuring Golems and a different Relic, but otherwize much the same as Waldurk; Castle Fortaan, which is the largest, featuring four heroes, tons of Goblins, a boss, Relic, potions, treasure, and weapons; Ganrash, which is the smallest, as it comes with only two Goblins and no heroes or treasure; and the newest, The Sewers of Iliriac which comes with new heroes, Zombies, a new boss, and nw potions, but no new Relic.
"I just got all six Heroica sets! It's pretty epic."
by epicTFOL May 28, 2012
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