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A person who is prepared to lay down his life for others. Examples of such are members of our Armed Forces who serve on Operations around the world. Each and every one of which is a hero.

Not some Z list celebrity or footballer who can score the odd goal before being tapped on the ankle and rolling around like he has been shot by a sniper. And then getting up and waving an imaginary card at a referee! Get a f**king life!
All members of the Armed Forces should be classed as a hero.
by Johnny 2 Sheds May 31, 2009
A hero is someone who gets other people killed.
"You know what the definition of a hero is? You can look it up later." The hero, in this instance, being the cowboy in 'Serenity' whose bright idea it was to pull a gun while the crew was performing a heist on an Allied Occupied planet.
by Angelfirenze October 21, 2007
he·ro (hîr'ō) pronunciation
n., pl. -roes.

1. A term now automatically extended to members of the Police, Fire, and Military regardless of their satisfaction of the criteria of the definition of a hero, and regardless of the fact that all three are compensated, voluntary positions, and clearly not all of them are "heroes".
The cops I see being total dicks for OBVIOUSLY no real reason other than being in a bad mood that day, or just being an a**hole.

The firemen I see strutting around or looking at their new cars out front. One of them has a whole "superman" theme, and I presume that Shaq isn't a firefighter... (although he is an honorary police hero in miami or something) which just makes the superman guy kind of a dick, he's not anybody's hero.

The military guys I see have a much bigger commitment than the guys I see not being heroes usually... and as a result tend to be possible heroes more often. Some of the generals that got sh*tcanned for understanding what might actually be required in Iraq and saying so long ago might be heroes... especially the ones that make enough noise about it. But come on, you become property of the US gov't... how does that enter into the equation... I think intent matters. After a while, I think the military guys change modes. They change from a doing it because they have to, and it is their chosen paying job as reasons, to their families, buddies, country, superiors in that order of importance... so if they end up risking their lives for each other, then the heroism potential goes up. I'm not saying that none of any of these guys are heros, what I am saying is that hero used to have the bar set pretty high... now these guys are automatic heroes, which can only mean that a hero means less.
by EagleNest November 07, 2006
1. Somebody who's done something that has saved people and/or has tried/managed to change important things for the best.
2. "Hero" is one of the most coolest and action-packed films I've ever seen.
Martin Luther King Jr. is seen as a hero for convincing white people that black people were being treated unfairly.
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts August 09, 2006
Someone of the lower social hierarchy order who adopts the "ways of a HERO" in order to make themselves look the social icon they dream to be. The first two known HEROs were CP and MEAT. Of course the whole HERO buisness was intended to be facetious and 'put on' but CP never quite saw it that way.
"The two HEROs met up at the Local HERO for a rogue one."
by dw March 23, 2003
A really really big sandwich. Usually contains all kinds of cheeses, meats, veggies...
"Hey! Who ate my hero sandwich?!?"
by Barracuda September 15, 2003
like arro, kinda sum1 who does sumthing and thinks there awesome coz of it but really they suk!
hero barney!
by Dani♥ August 15, 2008