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hero n,p L heros, fr. Gk heros (14c) 1. a legendary or illustrious pest often of divine decent endowed with a great strength of saying the right thing in front of the right people. 2. one that shows great courage for preserving what he believes in, no matter how silly it may be. 3. one that is inclined to boasting which creates a moment’s glory that is thoroughly enjoyed by that person and hopefully the ones listening.
<The hero couldn’t contain himself when the young devil dog walked into the store wearing a baseball hat.>
by kool keith March 22, 2004
A person who said that they will always be there for you. and they actually meant it
"Hey Josh I'll always be there for you"
10 years later
"Josh I'll be there for you dont worry"
"Thanks Josh you'r a true Hero"
by JaredR21330 September 05, 2008
A Hero puts his life on the line for a person, a cause, an ideal...to be a Hero...is to exhibit the finest qualities of a human being.
Link is the epitome of a Hero.
by Carwash64 September 23, 2006
On my job we use the word hero for a snitch,rat or ass kisser a hero someone who is always trying to show someone else up and will tell the boss of your mistakes
that guy john is a hero he told the building manager that jasons slop sink was drity we don't need any heros in our building!
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
A man or woman who devotes themself to there cause, and often does not expect anythin for what they are doing, therefore becoming a hero.
William Wallace, who devoted his life to gaining Scotlands independence, and became a national hero. (see william wallace )

Superman, man who is invincible and wears his pants on top of his trousers, constantly saves metopolis from evil.

Batman, man with no powers, just lots of hi-tech gadgets, but still saves Gotham city, from evil

Spiderman, man with radioactive spider bite, uses his spider powers to defeat the evil forces that attack New York
by bigdode September 30, 2005
A. Someone who helps someone else out for no reason, and expects nothing else in return.
B. Someone who killed a lot of "bad guys"/ who bribed someone like a king with money for fame.
C. the barabrian definition: the guy who killed the most in battle.
A: Ghandi was a hero
B: most counts in the middle ages were apparantly heroes.
C: most likely the chief of the barbarian village was the hero, if the chief didn't kill the most, he wasn't chief anymore.
by winter gryphon June 14, 2008
Someone who gets other people killed
Zoë Washburn: Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed. You can look it up later.
by Browncoat Bitca February 03, 2008