a traditional Chinese greeting
hero? Dis is Dong, ah specal today eas dog.
by Aidox April 16, 2008
While driving, someone who pulls right out in front of you causing you to act fast and brake hard. Usually a teenager texting and being an idiot, a middle aged man on his way to a business meeting, a soccer mom with a van full of kids, or any old person.
Well driving by the store the other day some hero pulled out right in front of me the bastard...

Did you see businessman 8000 fly the fuck outta Walmart right in front of me hero style?

That old couple are the greatest Country Kitchen heroes the world has ever seen....way to speed backup right outta your driveway fuck heads, give your licenses up please.
by GnomeParty420 September 06, 2011
A gaming term that derived from any multiplayer "shooter" video game where "elimination" is involved. A "hero" is the last standing player who successfully completes the round through major extremities or when the odds are stacked heavily against them.
Call of Duty; Search & Destroy: "He was the only one on our team alive and he took down 5 (or all 6) guys by himself and won the round. He's a 'Hero'.

Gears of War; Horde mode:

"'Hero'! He completed the wave (there has to be a significant amount of locust alive, of course) on his own after we all died."

*The key thing to remember is that this person (or hero) has to be ALONE when the odds are stacked SIGNIFICANTLY against him (for Search & Destroy, at least 5 guys); yet he still eliminates the opposition AND wins the round.
by Nnamz February 05, 2009
The best and sweetest boyfriend in the entire world. Able to cheer up a Peach whenever she is sad or having a bad day. Very engaging with a great sense of humor and a sexy laugh. The man that you never want to leave; the man that you want to keep in your life forever.Perfect in pretty much every way. Super attractive and loveable. A Peach's perfect soulmate.
"Frankie, I'm madly in love with Hero."
"Hero is the best thing that ever happend to me."
"I want to be with Hero forever."
by p34ch October 23, 2008
noun - One who selflessly strives to better the lives of others, regardless of the risks involved, and serves as a role model for the spectator(s) of his/her good deed(s).
That man just recued the baby from that burning building and then left before we could thank him or ask his name. What a hero!

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
by Hero in Hiding February 22, 2007
Beings who sacrifice or give away their most sacred belonings, including their lifes, for something they believe in or love. They are one of a kind, they are not seen much, each generation has its heros.
by Your mama June 29, 2003
Somebody who gets other people killed.
"Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed." Zoe Washburn.
by tsunin66 January 17, 2011

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