a word used by motorcyclists to describe a motor vehicle driver who is driving slow on purpose an trying to stop the motorcyclist from speeding and intern saving his life. That is why he is a hero.
A car tried to hero me as i role at illegal speeds on the road
by Daviejones July 03, 2011
Hero refer to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity. This definition originally referred to martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence.
Kei Kurono from Gantz is an epitome of a hero
by YoungPyro August 14, 2010
A hero is sometimes used to describe the final product of a photo shoot or any creative project. The "hero" is the final image to be used that has been agreed upon by the art director, photographer and client or whichever single person has the big dick for the day.
Jeff: Yes sir. I think thats the Hero shot.
Graham: Fucken A man that was a bitch to get but it sure was worth it.
Jeff: Hell yeah man. Looken good!
Graham: Feelin good!
by Graham Sykes February 28, 2007
A professional athlete who leaves his large paychecks for a place on the front lines of our country's defense.
Pat Tillman, 1977-2004
by anonymous April 23, 2004
A person who is admired for his/her courage, bravery, passion, and noble qualities.
"He is such a hero. He protected me and made sure I was okay."
"My hero, Raj, is the bravest person I know"
by Nachos4U August 07, 2015
A Hero Is A Person Who Is Heroic, They Save The Day Like Superman But They Are Humans, They Are Heros!
Rob Was A Hero Today Because He Abused This Guy At Work And Got A Promotion.
by Colatz May 20, 2014
A derogatory term used to describe someone who tries way too hard at delivering peace or justice in which the matters are trivial and not worth bothering about.

The persons intentions of being a HERO is usually to receive applause or gratitude from others
You are a HERO because you yelled at someone who crossed the road without waiting for the lights to go green when no cars were coming.
by SUBZEROHERO96 September 22, 2011

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