Someone of the lower social hierarchy order who adopts the "ways of a HERO" in order to make themselves look the social icon they dream to be. The first two known HEROs were CP and MEAT. Of course the whole HERO buisness was intended to be facetious and 'put on' but CP never quite saw it that way.
"The two HEROs met up at the Local HERO for a rogue one."
by dw March 23, 2003
A really really big sandwich. Usually contains all kinds of cheeses, meats, veggies...
"Hey! Who ate my hero sandwich?!?"
by Barracuda September 15, 2003
like arro, kinda sum1 who does sumthing and thinks there awesome coz of it but really they suk!
hero barney!
by Dani♥ August 15, 2008
A sammich made at a shop in new york
some one not from new york: GET ME A SAMMICH BITCH...please
by Bofij August 02, 2006
Someone who takes extreme risks in an attempt to gain massive fame while putting the rest of the team in great jeopardy.
Andy was a hero when he thought he could beat down the other team's flag carrier and got killed first. We lost 3 to 2. We don't have time for heroes.
by Matt Curley April 21, 2005
A man who thinks that he is gods gift to women and the world. Acts tough and expects any chick to want him badly.
Hero: Hey girl, wanna buy me a drink?
Beeyatch: Get the fuck up out outta here yo' mutha-fucking cornball, hero acting mutha-fucker.
by Diego September 29, 2003
One possesed with an unusually large amount of self-esteem and self-importance despite being of no significance and having done nothing special whatsoever in their whole lives. They are often seen in small groups, presumably being attracted by something shiny. They are similar to chavsin this respect but are generally not so degenerate.
Person #1 : "Hmm, what a pompous prick."
Person #2 : "Yeah, real hero..."
by >>Will October 03, 2005

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