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This is a city in Virginia and may I say so myself, it's pretty damn awesome. You have to be here to understand just how awesome it is. If you don't like it, well you're probably going to end up dying in Sterling. Herndon kicks ass. WOOT!
by iamtheshit20170 February 23, 2011
A place in Virginia where all the illegals go and hide out. It's a very bad place.
Hey, wanna go to downtown Herndon tonight?

No, I don't wanna get kidnapped
by Celiaaaaa June 10, 2007
to take a crap, bowel movement, shit
damn that burrito is going right through me, i need to take a herndon !
by handy man 03 May 08, 2008
Dumbest Town in Virginia, made of slackers, Illegal Aliens, Snobby White People, And Non-existent African Americans
"Son, we're moving to herndon"
*sits down and crys*
by Ailish February 26, 2007
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