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50% Spanish, 40% Black, 9.99% white, .01% Spencer Z.
That school is full of dumb ass teachers, dumb ass security guards that work their because their friends do, just abunch of dumb asses with sticks coming out of their ass.
That motherfucker Spencer, jesus must of jacked off onto someones Vag and gave birth to Sir Spencer fucking Z, the fortunate one, who Doesn't have a stick up their ass.

A: Yeah i have no drugs man....
B: Oh fuck, lets goto Herndon High school.
A: oh good Idea man!

by eatmycock December 28, 2008
A shitty school with wack ass people. All the fake me out gangs spanish gangs go there with there dumb bitches. All the girls in Herndon are eitha a crack hoe, a dyke(stud), or a flat out fake BITCH. The girls at Herndon be getting into the stupidest fights for nothing. they would get in a fight ova a guy who pick there friend over them.(even though the bitch was ugly...). Some of the niggas there swear they can rap or freestyle even though they can't. All they rap about is there looks and how many girls they get when everyone knows that nigga aint have booty in his entire life. Herndon is dirt...there broke and they have the crappiest teachers there i have ever seen...i cant step foot into there bathrooms without pukin....dirty sons of bitch! Herndon High School should be an Alt. School for the crackheaded bamaz!
The uglyest bitch in the school swears shes the hardest and she loves bad no niggaz like her mama drama self.....

kid1: do u freestyle?
herndonboy: yo! kid my freestyles are one can top me!
kid1: uhhhh! i dont think so....
(herndonboy begins freestylin)
herndonboy: yooooooo! my shoe tight. My chain is so nice. I fuck that ugly bitch again last night.....YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its ova!!!....
kid1: You wack ass bama nigga get the fuck outta here...i dont understand why you proud of losin ur virginity to that bitch cuz now u got crabs like a mothafucka....
by bring the pain May 05, 2005
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