(n): Member of gay boy band Pink Republicans. Group mascot include Pink Elephant. Is the lead singer and dancer.
My favorite member of the Pink Republicans is Hernan.
by jaime penny October 14, 2006
Top Definition
A young man who thinks of himself as Batman. He fights for the well being of people. Very cocky. Thinks his the best looking kid out there. Responsible. Respectful. Weird. Overall a great person to meet.
Hernan where were you when I needed Batman???
by Cheekies16 October 26, 2010
A non-derogatory word to describe an Cuban or Argentinean person
Ex: I hope hernan know what he is doing or we are going to be fucked
by BFlorida January 04, 2009

1.) Hernan is a self-centered jerk that has no respect for his girlfriend.

2.) Thinks he is "the man" even though everyone else knowns he's really not

3.) Does not care about anyone's feelings.

4.) Overall a douche-bag that no women/ girl on this planet should ever have to deal with... Or his mom.
Why do you treat your girlfriend so bad dude? Why you being an Hernan?
by ettenyl June 13, 2011
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