verb. to become aroused over someone or something.
The boy groaned as he herned over a picture of an attractive female.
by Hey Sixman May 07, 2005
Top Definition
The name of one bound by strong friendship.
Hern, i freaking love you!
by Betsy Ebenezer June 23, 2006
When a hern like animal ussaly the "erl" makes a hern like noise
I was traviling in the woods when i heard a erl 'hern'

The act of herning

My mother once said if you dont get them the first time you sure will hern them the second time
by kdubs119 May 18, 2008
100 dollars
In the dice game it was 6 herns in the bank.
by Bad Bxtch Lexx April 13, 2011
The action of smoking marijuana
Hey yo lets hern!
by heyyoletshern May 21, 2011
To travel at relative high speed.
I was herning.

Dont put that in the boot(trunk 2 u yanks) like that, it'll hern all over the place.
by Dave November 15, 2003
a dip of tobacco
I'm about to put a hern in.
by heels0303 February 20, 2009

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