Molasses cookies.
Would you like a hermit cookie?
by wickedNH February 06, 2004
In addition, a hermit is also a PC fanatic (as opposed to console gaming). See also lemming sheep cow

PC Gamer: "We have Counter-strike and FPS Doug. Beat That!"
Console Gamer: "STFU, you damn hermit!"
by T.R.I. September 06, 2005
A person incapable of, or unwilling to socialise with other people. They will often spend an unnatural, possibly harmful amount of time in exclusion. Get a life you lonely hermit
Source: Cyrus, Jul 19, 2004

Also a word used to describe someone who does not like the same things they do, often they do not see the whole picture and assume the hermit is socially retarded, when in fact he/she may just like thier circle of friends but do not know anyone into what they like to do outside, they will go out on adventure with other people if they ask and it is somthing they may enjoy.
'Are you coming to the party next week'
'No I would rather stay in and watch a movie'
'Oh, you must not like me or the people I hang around with'
'No, not at all, I dont like 'everyone', but I just dont know most of them yet'
'Oh, right, do you want to come and race motocross with me in two months, I have loads of friends at the track'
'Yes absolutely, let me get some money together, I may not manage it, but I will try'
'Cool I know where you can pick up a cheap bike mate, my friends know the used bike market'
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
A Hermit is a person who usually does'nt go out..A person who stays in there house(in mountmellick?)..Always seem 'busy' when asked to go out(going 2 d gtach)..Acts shy and rarely talks 2 people...When he does he complains they dont say enough! ;)
Hey 'tommy' wana cum 2 dublin...Nah cant im goin 2 i.c!!!!=]

Do you ever go out???NOPE!!!!
Ur such a Hermit...Lol
by ---Sarah June 25, 2009
The Hermit, a third job advancement in Maple Story, is a quick and nimble fighter often associated with high damage and "kill-stealing." Hermits are also called "sins," a shortened form of their inferior selves, the Assassin. The class is infamous in Maple Story, and often considered to be "the most fun class," though such a claim is up to speculation. The most famous skill of a Hermit is to manipulate a shadow who emulates all strikes that the Hermit performs.
"i has lvl 82 hermit i ks u!" Greg threatened, all of his anger burning through his keyboard.
"pfft im lvl 145 u noob," the opposing player retorted.
by BassChan November 03, 2007
A person who would rather play video games than socialize, meet girls online rather than in a bar, & get delivery instead of going out.
Pat is a hermit because all he does is sit around & play video games all day.
by realfresh123 October 13, 2010
Hermit- VERB- to go on a hermit.

When a person stays away from a group of friends to try and abstain from substance abuse.
Saving money may also be a good cause to go on a hermit.

usually the person has trouble lasting through the first week. If he/she can go a good length of time (4-8 weeks) he/she can say they do not have a drug problem.

he/she is free to socalise with other groups of friends that do not participiate in drug use each week.
here where is Tommy?

he is on a hermit sure.

mate i wish i could go on a hermit.
by ToxicTommy April 17, 2008

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