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A joker running for the GOP candidacy in the 2012 presidential election. This despite the fact that he's never held office, unfamiliar with U.S./foreign affairs, and having a campaign whose "ideals" are based on pop-culture references such as The Sims and Pokemon. Was previously the token president of Godfather's Pizza, where he (allegedly) sexually harassed a number of women, and turned a $300 million-dollar business into a $40 million-dollar business. Also doesn't believe in reading and answers questions with numbers, preferably with three 9's.
Reporter: Iran is producing nuclear weapons to possible strike Israel or even the United States. As president, how do you handle this situation?

Herman Cain: 9-9-9!
by TheMechanic11 November 19, 2011
boss nigga
Herman Cain is the boss nigga.
by anon2340 November 02, 2011
The best alternative to Barack Obama. A real role model for the African American community and all of America.
Herman Cain is a real black man, not a white guy posing as black to get elected
by cpt.ngsd August 14, 2011