boss nigga
Herman Cain is the boss nigga.
by anon2340 November 02, 2011
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The best alternative to Barack Obama. A real role model for the African American community and all of America.
Herman Cain is a real black man, not a white guy posing as black to get elected
by cpt.ngsd August 14, 2011
A 2012 Presidential Candidate whose add campaign featured one of his political advisors smoking a cigarette at the end of the commercial. The recent video released by Cain's campaign has sparked controversy over the unclear reason of creating a commercial with tobacco in it.
1: "Hey man, have you seen Herman Cain's latest add?"
2: "Yeah, his political advisor is seen smoking a cigarette!!"
1: "WOW. Seems like a great way to campaign."
by anzainfo October 25, 2011
A sexual act where the man dons a fedora, throws a pizza over the woman's ass, and proceeds to ass-fuck her through the pizza while yelling "Who's your godfather?" repeatedly.
I'm gonna Herman Cain my girlfriend later on tonight.
by Sebastian Fairtel November 01, 2011
An Uncle Tom who is trying to run for president in 2012. He is famous for his "9-9-9 plan" which is a tax plan were the super poor pay the same as the super rich. Which shows how disconnected he is from minorities and where his real trust lies..with the super rich douchebags. Also he used to run a pizza company so people sometimes think he is a pizza man, which is kinda inspiring.
Bob: "Yo wheres the pizza"
Bill: "I wish Herman Cain still worked there"
by BlackPrince11 September 30, 2011
A Koch Sucker.
Did you see that congressman keep circling you in the urinal like a Herman Cain?
by Propecia Jones October 31, 2011
An ass grabby boss, higher up, shot caller, or well networked individual who assumes any pretty women in a cute outfit wants to fuck him in exchange for jobs, access, or free pizza.
I'd wear my Louboutin's to my performance review, but I don't want my boss to go Herman Cain on my ass so I'll wear pants and clogs instead.
by Evewasframed November 07, 2011

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