Herkle is a tank. Herkle manages not to get hit when being attacked by 133+ DS members. Herkle is also a leader of the number one Australian Clan in RuneScape along with Goku Nazz and Dezza69.
OMFG did you just see that? Herkle tanked out 399ops of DS, what a tank!
by NickCr February 05, 2008
Top Definition
One of the greatest RuneScape players to ever have played the game. Sources say he started playing around 2000-2001 when RuneScape Classic was still the only form of RuneScape. Sources also say he has quit playing a number of times through out his carrera. Some say if he had not quit he would have a higher total than Zezima the highest ranked RuneScape player, but unlike Herkle Zezima has played RuneScape to much and Herkle can not catch him now.
1. Omg run! Its Herkle! He is so 1337! Hell own us and take our pixels!

2. Hey Herkle how much money do you have? Can u give me 1mill?
by Herkle September 09, 2006
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