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Heritage School is an educational institution in central Texas that serves as a breeding ground for future WASPs. Heritage prides itself on an uncanny ability to create students guided by a sense of false entitlement and misguided purpose, referred to as Hupomone.
A socialist Scholastic People’s Congress, similar to the People’s Republic of China, rules Heritage School. The SPC elects a Führer, idolized for their hatred of satanic demonstrations such as skinny jeans and good looks, to assume the face of authority.
Past Führers designed and perfected a police system ,known as the Sultemeiers (a Nazi Gestapo shoot off) led by the infamous Dr.Rickerhauser, to enforce strict regulations, the Big Five, on the student body under the guise of creating the perfect Christian student.
Heritage School represents itself with the colors green and white joined by an eagle. Green symbolizes the forced manual labor to maintain the school’s economy. At sporting events fans and scholastic figures repetitively chant "Bleed Green” as a reminder of the torture that students participating in events may endure if they fail to succeed. White stands for intolerance of outside opinion and closed-minded mentality the school uses to suppress rebellions. The eagle represents a facade of freedom used to amuse students.
Recently Heritage School has failed to suppress a rebellion of students and teachers jaded by the oppressive authorities. This rebellion is known as the Provincial Hall Rebellion.
"Hey, why do you think Heritage School students and faculty are so elitist and feel entitled to being the best private school in Fredericksburg?"

"Obviously their idea of Christianity is skewed by numerous members of the institution to understand how hypocritical they actually are."

"Do you think they will rage over understanding the true nature of their institution?"

"More than likely, but it’s okay they don't even lift.”
by jackson.bernard February 16, 2014
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