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one who partakes in the herb or one who smokes copious amounts of weed or hash
I had a friend who smokes a shitload of weed. That guy is a total Herbivore
by DPSsoccer06 October 12, 2007
A bong that consumes alot of cannabis!!
Green bob marley bong.
My bob marley bong is a herbivore.
by bobmarley420 December 03, 2009
someone with a herby attitude. someone with swall potential.
"am i a herbivore?"
"no.. you're not cool enough, you're shorty"
by Kym Alexandria October 25, 2007
Variation of the commonly known slang "Herb". An upgrade if you will.

Tool, loser, fag, etc....
Yo this party is Staight Gordon Herb, mad herbivore's be lurking....Nah mean Johnson?
by Your mom November 30, 2004