1. one who eats their greens, and nothing but.
2. one who smokes their greens, and loves it
1. The brontosaurus was an herbivorous dinosaur.
2. Call up the herbivores to get the sypha started.
by Marybutt May 01, 2007
(In Japan) Men who appear to have the same style sense as metrosexuals, but are not aggressive in love or careers. While they do spend more on clothes and body-care products, they are not big consumers and would avoid trendy restaurants and high priced entertainment. They keep to themselves and seem to eschew competition.
A: Taro doesn't seem to get out much.
B: He is a herbivore.
by Poruchan April 20, 2010
A person who consumes and enjoys large amounts of marijuana.
Dude, so i went to the marijuana expo the other day and i saw a Herb-ivore. Well actually there were alot of herb-ivores there including myself.
by Herb-ivore March 27, 2011
Variation on your average herb. One who can only survive by sustaining herb tendencies.
Guy 1: "Bro, did you see he's still with her even though shes been with 76 dudes."

Guy 2: "What herbivore doe"
by Slushstar69 November 10, 2013
1. To be a full time pot smoker & a full time vegetarian; a cannabis smoking salad eater. To live the green life and love marijuana & dandelion leaves and someone who ignores the meat eating naysayers.

2. an animal that mostly eats plant material.
Yeah, I am a herbivore and that makes me cooler then you.
by Sharen DeWeed June 16, 2013
A vegetarian
Herbivore is a cool way of saying a vegetarian
by haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii February 22, 2011
A Nickname To A Hardcore Stoner
1)I'm A Herbivore.
2)I Saw A Lot of Herbivores On 420.
by Will The Thrasher April 18, 2010

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