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One of the best jazz pianists of our time. Writer of such famous tunes as Chameleon, Maiden Voyage, Eye of the Hurricaine, Palm Grease and Watermelon Man. Innovator in the fusion genre and writer of many really badass funk grooves.
Herbie Hancock is so badass he can turn shit into gold.
by Tobey March 20, 2004
The answer Tommy Boy leaves on his test in the movie Tommy Boy.
John Hankcock, ha, its Herbie Hankcock.
by Zoolander July 18, 2005
When an individual has oral sex performed upon them while they smoke a marijuana cigarette.
Usually refers to males, but it can also refer to females on the receiving end of the oral sex.
-We were getting really high, and then all of a sudden, she starts blowing me!
-Woah shit, you got a Herbie Hancock?! You lucky bastard!
by ProgRockDrummer July 26, 2011
When someone farts in your mouth during a "rim job" - "reach around".
Gertrude had some bad shit breath after her boyfriend delivered a devistating Herbie Hancock.
by Stan G April 17, 2008
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