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Herber is a really nice boy. He likes to listen to music, every day, all day. He's very kind and is very sweet to the opposite sex. He is very athletic and is amazing at soccer. He likes to look presentable, with his hair done properly, and smelling nice with his cologne on every day. He has dimples and likes to listen to dance music. He's funny and noes how to make you laugh. You can tell him everything, he's very loyal and easy to trust. Good friend to have.
Lexi: wow did you see herber today?
Nia: yea his hair was perfect
Lexi: and he smelled so good!
by Friend_xoxo July 29, 2013
A slang term used to describe the action of shoving vegetables up a girls vagina.
Holy Fuck! Courtney got a massive Herber. Tyrpne used a 6 foot long cucumber!
by TheNambuNinja September 05, 2011
A big person who has anger issues and is obsessed with zombies!!!!!!!!!
Herber stop talking about zombies damnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
by Williambear the millionair February 07, 2011
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