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1) Herba Derba is what a man says when he is reaching to grab a woman's boobie. It would be inappropriate for a man to say this as he is grabbing a boobie, men say this as their hand is slowly creeping up to reach a women's boobie.

2) A general phrase someone would use to describe sexual doings.

1) Suzie McBignipples- So i was making out with my boyfriend and right when he was starting to reach for my tits he mumbled "herba derba derba..."

Mary Grisslepuss- Wait you mean when he was grabbing you boob?

Suzie McBignipples- No! He said it as his hand was slowly reaching for my boobs!

2) Richard- So what did you do with your girlfriend last night?

Jared- Let's just say that when her parents left we got our "herba derba" on.
by sclapmwee August 19, 2011
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