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An accidental spelling of the word heart. Can be used as another way to say "love" or "heart".
Paul:I herat you
Laura:You spelt heart wrong
Paul:Whoops. I herat you...?
Laura:Well, I herat you too!
by Paul Donaghey February 14, 2009
9 3
a man That begs a woman to sleep with her and runs and tells another He rat what all went down.
rudolph beach is a he rat he sleeps with females and runs and rat mouths about them.
by kalastarr September 24, 2009
2 2
a sensitive nerve located on one's wenus
When one hits their wenus, it is commonly called the "funny bone", which in fact is not funny at all. It hurts like a mother because of the herat.
by springaling November 18, 2007
1 10