A blue waffle cunt who sleeps with men like Garik
That Henrik over there is quite homo
by garik onany September 27, 2012
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Just another synonym for God.
Also means almighty, and is often used in sentences where people describe how someone is supreme to the others.

Also used as a counter-word against Per-Stian, which is the most gay word/name in the universe.
You're not Henrik!

Person 1: Per-Stian!! Person 2: Haha, HENRIK!
Person 1 dies.
by Gud May 21, 2008
quite literally King.
King Henrik Lunqvist, the best damn goalie the world has seen.
by Lena Jade Black November 10, 2007
Refers to a guy in his late 20s or early 30s who is quietly arrogant, avoids commitment, drinks excessively, spends as much time as possible partying, only does things if they have direct benefit for him, especially financially, has lots of superfical acquaintances but no real friends as he avoids getting to know people -- but he is the guy everyone likes to invite to social events. An eternal playboy who wenjoys being devil's advocate and playing people off one another while trying to avoid getting any negative energy directed at him. Likes to flirt but is not ready for a mature relationship with a woman.
If you want to go on a date with him, you better ask -- he's such a Henrik.

Hey, Henrik is here -- it's going to be a great party!
by Elskede February 10, 2010
hes a sexy dousche bag who likes to murder trout with pocket knives! :D<333333333
henrik is a trout murderer.
by cool mary :D July 10, 2008

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