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A person who chills in Henesys all day. Most likely a NX whore or a fag with no life.
1. Go download the game MapleStory.
2. Pick a world with allot of people (ex. Scania)
3. Make a character
4. Leave Maple Island or where ever you are and go to henesys
5. To see most Hene Hoe go to channel 1 (theyre in every channel though .-.)
by CaliforniaDANKS January 03, 2011
a slang term often used that corresponds with a popular mmorpg game made by koreans.

used to describe someone who dresses like everybody else, game-wise. basically a bunch of pixels with the same exact outfit and hair and etc. they usually hang out in maya's house, a location within the game. usually used in a derogatory sense.
person a:how is my look? (got very popular eyes/hair/outfit/etc.)
person b:you look like a henehoe.
by pomegranates December 28, 2009
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