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A typical suburban high school located in West Chester, PA. The administrators think Henderson is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and the student population is divided into numerous cliques which interact with each other sparingly. If you go to Henderson, chances are you deal with the following:

1) Somebody will pull a dumb prank, with graffiti in the bathroom being a common problem, and never get caught. The school letter will always say that the school's good reputation has been tarnished.

2) There will be a kid, or small group of kids, that interrupt class frequently (Spanish class is usually a victim) as if they are the only ones who are cool enough to be pissed off at school. Everybody else in the classroom wants to leave just as much and wishes these kids would just shut up so they can just write down what they need and watch family guy or weeds when they get home.

3) There will be one teacher per grade everybody knows is a "cool teacher."

4) The kids in the incrowd give each other nicknames. All of these nicknames are predictable and lame.

5) The girls that are hot are usually very arrogant and bitchy but nobody cares because a. they're hot and b. theres a ton of gross rumors going around about them anyway.

6) One counterculture kid will try his/her best to scare everyone. They don't.

7) Misplaced pride is abundant.

8) There is usually something that is being overhyped by the student population.

9) You know that despite the school's bragging your GPA is probably on a curve or everyone's homework copying or embarassingly simple machinations have worked on the teachers.

10) Jackass and/or CKY worship is of course common.

Despite the parade of juvenile delinquency, kids in Henderson are usually pretty laid back with each other so long as there isn't drama causing an average of a year long strife between them. It's simply another wealthy school with a bloated ego and schoolwork that everyone saves until the last minute and forgets soon after. To survive such a cliche school everyone does the cliche thing: smoke headies, drink budmilloors and natural ice, break the law, and talk about it alot. It's just high school - you love it or hate it.
We go to Henderson High School. We can't wait to hang out in town this weekend.
by MasterDisaster February 24, 2009
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