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The hench (UK slang for big and bulky/muscular) combined with "hench stench" so as to describe a bad smell - chiefly from a bodily source but can relate to environmental smells
Used as an anthropomorphism of a particulary smelly fart.

Piers: What was that sound?

Wally: Errrr..

*2 seconds passes*

Piers: Mate, that was a HENCH STENCH!
by Guffmeister November 28, 2011
1.The overpowering stench you get when you are just so HENCH. It may or may not be B.O. or the smell of the king of men.
2. Even better than being hench
1)You are bare hench stench!
2)Man, put some some deodorant on, you have some hench stench.
3) I benched like 40,000kg last night, I'm hench stench.
by Hench Kempton June 10, 2011
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