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Similar to the stoner stereotype, but different in the way that these people can function at high levels doing such thing like post secondary education while still smoking marijuana on a daily basis.
i dont understand hempsters this guy in my chem clas comes to class every day smelling like marijuana yet scores higher on tests than me
by noodlelegs November 22, 2011
Noun- An individual that smoked marijuanna before legalization
Dude, Tom's been bragging about smoking weed since the 90s; what a freaking hempster!
by WWWdot December 05, 2014
(Noun) Anyone who is stricken with an infatuation and respect for hemp because of its ecological and economical potential to promote sustainability of life in the future and quell the human induced ecocide that Big Cotton and Big Petroleum are at large for unleashing at the dawn of the modern industrial era.
Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul seem to think that the introduction of hemp into our industries could save the world by ushering out the monopolistic and polluting industries which have been destroying our planet and taking our money for more than 200 years! What a couple of hempsters!
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by skatersmurf December 29, 2015

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