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Hemppfield High School is a place that 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders go to "learn".

Teachers get off topic with every class discussion

The teachers here swear at the most random points during class

At random times during class the teachers cell phone will ring and they will actually answer and discuss with the person on the other end what they are doing that night

The football team here sucks --- the only reason people keep coming to the games is to watch the pride and joy of Hempfield....the SARTAN MARCHING BAND!!!

This band performs at multiple festivals and marches in numerous parades. - March 11-17th they went to Hawaii to celebrate the 50th statehood and perform in the parade and at pearl harbor....

MR. K - okay so yesterday we were talking about how the Natives in "Dances With Wolves" reacted when they tasted sugar for the first time....

FRED - Mr. K have you ever ate a buffalo heart?

MR. K - no but i have tasted.....
SARAH - (in back of room) you no you go to Hempfield Area High School when you talk about eating hearts...

by Bander_Forever March 29, 2009
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