a spiral-shaped playground slide.
like they say in that beatles' song, wonderfully covered by siouxsie and the banshees, "When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide"
by mickoner August 13, 2005
Originally a song off the White Album by The Beatles, Helter Skelter's meaning changed in 1969 by the infamous Charles Manson. Manson had a theory that Helter Skelter would be when the entire black race would kill all white people. Charles Manson used this theory as an advantage by telling youngsters that he and his gang were going to hide out deep in the desert where they would be able to hide out during the process of Helter Skelter.
Charlie then claimed that Helter Skelter must happen immediately, so he told some of his family members ( Charles "Tex" Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, etc.) to go out and slay random caucasions. Charlie felt that by killing the white people (who included Sharon Tate) and make it appear that the black race committed these acts, then Helter Skelter would begin.
Charles and his family members were caught in the act and are sentenced to life in prison. But, Helter Skelter never occured and to most people today, it is only known as a lovely song by The Beatles.
Charles Manson scared youngsters into thinking Helter Skelter was going to occur in 1969.
by Mary Bushee June 14, 2005
Out of context/form/shape/etc. Out of sync. "Whack".
Dude...your rooms' been looking all helter skelter lately!
by Disperse December 08, 2008
out of control
Chelsea form this season is helter skelter
by Olalekan Afeez November 22, 2015
1. A race war that Charles Manson believed would happen when the back people would take over. Manson was really a racist and believed that black couldn't run things and would need his family to do that for them.
2. The world war that some think will happen when overpopulation and/or global warming and/or supervocanic eruptions ect. will overtake the world and the nations of the world go to war in a fight over food and water ect.

3. The global struggle in which the workers,poor ect. will win there freedom that anarchist,communist ect. believe in.
1. Charles Manson believed in Helter Skelter.
2. How are we going to survive helter skelter?
3. Helter Skelter is for the people.
by Deep blue 2012 May 23, 2010
A women who face looks like Skeletor. Her high cheek bones, and sunken in small eyes. No matter how much weight she lost, she still would be ugly. When she smiles and shows you her teeth, she looks exactly like a horse. Has the personality of hell on wheels, and very controlling. Has a obssession with herself, and is hell to live with.
Helter Skelter: women of hell of wheels
by 7847477848 January 11, 2011
Helter skelter, or "I like Helter Skelter" is a phrase for mass-scapegoating of one party. Yoko syndrome is a form of I like helter skelter where the latest party is blamed. Helter skelter is a fairground ride that spirrals downwards, and when someone is scapegoated substantially, even to the point where minor problems with them are turned into reasons for something failing.
I like helter skelter.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004

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